Multi-criteria FUCOM – Fuzzy MABAC model for the selection of location for construction of single-span bailey bridge

  • Darko Bozanic University of defence in Belgrade, Military academy, Belgrade, Serbia
  • Duško Tešić University of Defense in Belgrade, Military Academy, Belgrade, Serbia
  • Jovo Kočić Ministry of defence, Serbian Armed Forces, Pancevo, Serbia
Keywords: Fucom, fuzzy MABAC method, single-span Bailey bridge, selection of location


Selecting the most favorable location for construction of single-span Bailey bridge is ideal for applying multi-criteria decision making. In that regard, it has been developed a model for selecting the most favorable location. The first part of the model is based on the full consistency method (FUCOM), and it is used for the evaluation of weight coefficients of criteria. The second part of the model presents the fuzzification of the Multi-Attributive Border Approximation Area Comparison (MABAC) method, which is used in the evaluation of alternatives. Additionally, in the paper are presented basic criteria, based on which the selection is to be made


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Bozanic, D., Tešić, D., & Kočić, J. (2019). Multi-criteria FUCOM – Fuzzy MABAC model for the selection of location for construction of single-span bailey bridge. Decision Making: Applications in Management and Engineering, 2(1), 132-146.