The Energy of rough neutrosophic matrix and its application to MCDM problem for selecting the best building construction site

  • Jeni Seles Martina Donbosco Department of Mathematics, VIT University, Vellore, India
  • Deepa Ganesan Department of Mathematics, VIT University, Vellore, India
Keywords: Rough set, rough neutrosophic set, rough neutrosophic matrix, energy of rough neutrosophic matrix, multi-criteria decision making


An approach to data processing for relational databases is called a rough set theory. It is an interesting area of uncertainty mathematics that is mainly related to fuzzy theory. Rough set theory and neutrosophic set theory can be joined to create a powerful tool for dealing with indeterminacy. Neutrosophic matrices help decision-makers deal with multi-criteria decision-making by providing them with more useful and practical when we apply the concept of matrix energy. In this paper, we defined a Rough neutrosophic matrix and its energy. Some propositions, lower and upper limits of the rough neutrosophic matrix's energy were derived. The proposed energy of the rough neutrosophic matrix was applied in multi-criteria decision-making problems. The problem is to select the best place for constructing the school building. Applying the energy method to the MCDM problem became more relatable and produced good results.


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